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Life Essence Wellness Center, LLC. is the first of it's kind luxurious, therapeutic wellness center offering professional bodywork and integrative nutrition coaching in Bowie, Maryland.  Please book all appointments online at: massage and Integrative Nutrition Consultation.  

I have collected an extensive menu of bodywork modalities that will help you, my sister to relax and unwind.  And get rid of that ache in your shoulder permanently!  As a  highly trained licensed massage therapist,  I am  elated to bring your vision of somatic care to life.  We as women take care of everyone else! NOW, is the time to take care of ourselves first.....THEN go home and take care of our family, friends and associates.  I believe in the motto of feel good, look good..NOT look good, feel good.  If your health is failing, it's challenging to LOOK good.  Let me help you feel good through professional therapeutic massage and bodywork and me YOU will LOOK good and in a safe, comfortable environment with woman.  Yes, I do massage men...but ONLY after you, my sister-friend have taken care of yourself...FIRST!  I'm helping YOU...MAKE YOU a PRIORITY!  AND only for $59/hour and $89/1.5 hour.  Let us begin!  Let us heal and Let us BUILD!




Trying to lose weight, but are stuck?  Not happy with your health overall?  Are you taking several medications with a variety of ill side effects?  Are you in   constant pain?  have anxiety attacks, suffer from insomnia or facial/body acne or just tired of being tired....? 

Having a professional trained coach guide you towards reaching your goals on a biological individual  basis will help you!  Trained at the World's largest school of Nutrition, I can assist you with your health and wellness aspirations with bi-monthly meetings in person (DMV areas) or via phone or skype, grocery shopping trips, recipes, meditation and affirmation techniques and MUCH, MUCH MORE!  And ONLY $195.00 per month.  It's time to reach your goals and you shouldn't have do it alone!  We all need SUPPORT.  Let's heal and let's build.  Build yourself, your family and your community through your own OPTIMAL health and wellness.

Contact me for your free 15 minute request for an initial consultation via 1-301-219-5144.  Please allow two days reply to initial consultation request.  Let me help you decrease your energy, lose weight, decrease your reliance on prescription medication, reduce blood pressure and other ailments through plant based foods, lifestyle changes, recipes, exercises and more.  The body can heal itself with your help and assistance.  We truly are what we eat, internal food and the other foods in our lives.  

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